Adwords - PPC Campaign

All pay per click campaigns we at Appsolutely Media LLC have the capability to manage.

Adwords - PPC Campaigns

Our PPC Team, managed by a Certified AdWords Consultant, are prepared to create, manage, design, and supervise PPC Campaigns. Our team will look to maximize Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion, ultimately lowering the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) on each PPC account. After analysis of a CPC strategy for Google Display Network, or Google Search Network, we will identify whether there is enough room for improvement to justify management costs of your campaign. Appsolutely Media LLC charges a flat rate of 35% of the monthly adspend budget to manage your campaign, and an initial analysis cost (dependant on the size of the campaign).

Starting at $598 only

yesPPC Campaign Analysis

yesCRO Analysis

yesCTR Conversion

yesWebsite, Adwords, and SEO Integration

yes24 hour Responsive Campaign Adjustment

yesKeyword Consultation & Optimization

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We take 7-14 days to analyze an existing PPC campaign and the keywords, conversions, Click-thru- rate, and cost-per-click before consulting with you about the daily and monthly budget we recommend for your campaign to ensure we have the ability to increase your target radius, strategize accurately for your target demographic, and have an average lead conversion that is a substantial improvement. If we analyze your campaign and find we cannot improve it... we will not accept it. Integrity first being a company policy means if we can't do better, at least we won't make it worse. Call Us For a free consultation today!

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